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Mystery Boxes!

Tired of the "What should I read next" struggle? Let Chapters pick for you! When you buy a Mystery Box, we'll ship you a box of hand-selected titles we think you'll love (and maybe a goodie or two). Give us an idea of what you'd love (do you only want mysteries? Are you utterly sick of WWII?) and we'll find books to fit the bill. How about books for your kids? Just let us know their age range and we'll do the legwork. If you're a regular at the store, we'll cross-check against your purchase history for accuracy!

Shipping is included (US only); we will do our best to make sure you get new, exciting items, but can't offer refunds if we send something you've already read. Share it with a friend (from a distance, of course) instead!

To order, select from a $50 Mystery Box or a $100 Mystery Box