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Chapters Gift Certificate

SKU: GC0001

Not sure what to get for that special someone? How about a Chapters Gift Certificate? 

Chapters gift certificates are available in any amount. Stick to the usual amounts, or be creative! Buy a $49.00 gift certificate for a 49 year old's birthday, or an $18.18 certificate to cover the exact cost of a book (plus tax) that will be released soon.

To order by phone or email, please have the following information available:

  • Certificate Amount
  • Purchaser's Name
  • Credit Card Information
  • Shipping information: Would you like the gift card to be shipped to a specific address (no charge) or picked up in our store? Would you like us to enclose a message if we're shipping it?

Please note: To redeem a gift certificate when making an on-line book purchase, make a note in the comment section and include the certificate number and amount. If you've chosen to pay by credit card, we'll deduct the amount of your certificate before your card is charged.

Minimum: $1.00