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$60 Mystery Box

SKU: mysterybox60

Please note: Due to their popularity, we have to limit the number of Mystery Boxes we can sell. Please allow up to three weeks for your Mystery Box to arrive. We'll get your books to you as fast as possible, and we appreciate your patience.

Tired of the "What should I read next" struggle? Let Chapters pick for you! When you buy a $60 Mystery Box, we'll ship you a box of expertly hand-selected titles we think you'll love (and maybe a goodie or two). Give us an idea of what you'd love (do you only want mysteries? Are you utterly sick of WWII?) and we'll find books to fit the bill. How about books for your kids? Just let us know their age range/interests and we'll do the legwork. We will do our best to make sure you get new, exciting items, but can't offer refunds if we send something you've already read. Share it with a friend instead!

Media mail shipping is included (US only -- select "Free Gift Card Shipping" at checkout) but if you'd like to contribute against rising shipping costs, feel free to select any other option at checkout.

To order, fill in the To/From fields with preferred names & pronouns, then add any directives/wishes/etc. in the Message box! If you need more space, you can add more information in the order comments at checkout. Feel free to link to your Goodreads/Storygraph as well!

  • If you have a specific preference for mass-market books (cheaper but smaller size/font; lower quality) vs. trade paperback (larger book & font; higher price point), let us know. In a $60 Mystery Box for an adult, you should expect to receive 3 trade paperbacks or 4 mass-markets (or a combination of the two).
  • If you have any triggers, please let us know so we can try to avoid them!
  • If this is a gift for someone else and you don't feel comfortable explaining their reading tastes, mention this in the comments and we'll email you a printable certificate that you can gift: explaining what the Mystery Box entails, and that the recipient will be in direct contact with Tory to create their Mystery Box.


List price: $60.00
Price: $60.00
Weight: 5 lb