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$50 Mystery Box

SKU: mysterybox50

Tired of the "What should I read next" struggle? Let Chapters pick for you! When you buy a $50 Mystery Box, we'll ship you a box of hand-selected titles we think you'll love (and maybe a goodie or two). Give us an idea of what you'd love (do you only want mysteries? Are you utterly sick of WWII? ) and we'll find books to fit the bill. How about books for your kids? Just let us know their age range and we'll do the legwork. If you're a regular at the store, we'll cross-check against your purchase history for accuracy!

Shipping is included (US only); we will do our best to make sure you get new, exciting items, but can't offer refunds if we send something you've already read. Share it with a friend (from a distance, of course) instead!

To order, put your name in the To field below and put "Chapters" in the From field, then add any directives/wishes/etc. in the Message box!

List price: $50.00
Price: $50.00
Weight: 5 lb